Commission your own PlyForm

  • Commission your own PlyForm

Transform your architectural love into captivating art: Introducing PlyForm!

Bring your passion for buildings and details to life with PlyForm, stunning multi-layered plywood art pieces. Capture the essence of your favorite landmark, travel memory, or even your cherished home features in a unique, hand-crafted creation.

How it works:

1. Get inspired: Choose any building, architectural detail, or even a place you dream of visiting. It can be something grand or something close to your heart.

2. Start the journey: For a £50 design fee, we'll draft a sketch, map out the layers, and present you with various compositions and prices.

3. Find your perfect fit: The final price depends on size and layers. Prices start from £160 for A4 and A3 from £320. Don't worry if budget is a concern! We can adjust layers or composition to fit your needs. We'll discuss your budget before creating the draft, ensuring you get options within your range.

4. Make it yours: Choose your preferred composition and size, and then get invoiced. Once payment is received, we'll bring your PlyForm to life, cutting the layers from plywood, meticulously gluing them together, and pressing them into a beautiful, textured artwork