Barbican Columns Focus

£185.00 - £380.00
  • Barbican Columns Focus


Plywood relief picture of the Barbican Columns Focus
Great gift for an architecture lover or to add some unusual interest to any wall

Available in two sizes, choose between 21x30cm or 30x42cm

Each picture is unique thanks to the natural patterns of the birch grain

Packaged in a gift box

Integrated plywood hanging system (hangs from a single nail)

Natural birch plywood finish

Sustainably sourced

Bring your love of the Barbican into the home with these unique PlyForm pictures. Enjoy the shadows that are created by the layered plywood, highlighting shapes and details of the architecture. Made in just plywood the pictures are versatile to sit beautifully amongst any interior style. The irregular patterns of the natural birch grain can help allow your eyes to wander and destress, giving a calming vibe.

‘Tower’ is a view of the Shakespeare Tower, rising up from behind Forbisher Crescent. The Tower’s design stands out with its structural concrete grid profile, which up turns skyward to become balconies.