Barbican Lake Scenes


Image of Barbican Lake Scenes

'Lake’ portrays the sunken gardens of the Barbican Lake, made of concentric circles linked with a path. The area is a private space for residents to sit low amongst the water.

Plyforms are 3D layered forms made from plywood. We've simplified images of the Barbican into layers which make up the foreground, mid ground and background. Each layer takes on the form of a shape which we translate onto plywood, cutting out each layer with precision using a laser cutter. We then carefully piece them together, creating a simplified 3D form.

Made in just plywood, the colours of the Barbican are not reflected. Instead the subtle colours of the plywood provide a calming tone to match any room. PlyForms change subtlety throughout the day as the light moves around the room, casting shadows of varying intensities. This is where PlyForms are in their element, the dynamic style emphasising the shapes, shadows and depth of the pieces.